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Thoughts on Why I train Multiple Systems

November 30, 2010

I’ve talked about this topic before, but I had a shift in my training routine again this morning.  I’ve learned and practiced many systems over my lifetime so far. Each one was the right one for me at the time. So the question became what to keep and what to throw away (if anything). So I have two systems that get most of my attention and two others that are right behind them. This means I spend a minimum of an hour a day on each of these.  Other systems I have I dabble in from time to time, depending on who I’m training with or teaching. I might run through them one to three times a week.

Anyway practicing each for me helps peel back layers of the onion for the other systems. Each time I gain a new insight in one system, I revisit the others to see if it holds true to them as well. It has been said that truth is in the similarities, and ego is in the differences of the arts.

In my youth I did a lot of weight training. In weight training you workout using the same routine for about 4-6 weeks, then you change your routine. This does two things for you. First it keeps your body in shock so it is growing muscle mass to keep up with the changing demands being placed on it. The second thing it does is keep you from getting bored with your training. People that get bored eventually quit training.

So at the very least if you don’t change things up from time to time your progress will be slower then it needs to be. If you get bored and training isn’t fun, you may not train with the intensity needed to make great progress. That is if you just don’t quit all together.

To become good at anything, requires constant hard work over a long period of time. Make it fun!

Mike Murphy


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