Chinese Psychic Healing

Psychic healing is an alternative holistic therapy that encompasses the whole body, mind, and spirit. The healing energy provides fast, natural and effective relief from an extensive list of ailments including stress, depression, muscle tension, adrenal glands, physical pain (especially back and neck pain), emotional trauma insomnia and other pain and illness and much more. Energy healing is a non-invasive and very gentle way to heal using the life force energy that flows through every living thing which is known as Chi. Techniques consist of a laying on of hands much like other energy healing systems. One unique aspect to this approach is that the hands are always placed on opposite sides of the area to be healed, never facing the same direction. Chi flows between the hands as in a circuit and the area to be healed must be between them. There is also a remote distance healing method.

Most of the people that were trained in this lineage also had previous training in Chi Kung that included Shih Shui. Since you use you own Chi during the healing session you need at least 3 months (or the traditional 100 days) of daily Chi Kung to develop sufficient Chi to be effective. So the training is normally broken down into sections and taught with at least three months between each level.

Lesson 1 – Chi Kung Exercises

1. Basic Chi Kung exercises
a. Seated 8 Section Brocade with 6 healing sounds
b. Reaching for Heaven and Earth
c. Playing with the Ball
d. Flapping Hands to the Sides
e. Prayer hands
f. Rubbing coccyx bone

2. Standing Meditation – 4 postures
3. Bone Breathing sitting or standing
4. Sitting Meditation – Microcosmic Orbit a.k.a. Little Nine Heaven Cultivation

Lesson 2 – Psychic Force Cultivation – Basic Method


1. Three alternate postures; sitting, standing, and reclining.
2. Feet should be shoulder width and spine should be straight. The nose aligned with the navel (use the heal toe method twice).
3. The hands are made into fists with the thumb tucked under the fingers.
4. In sitting position the fists should rest on the knees.In standing position the fists should hang by the hips, in the reclining position they rest on the thighs.
5. Eyes should be one and a half arms lengths from the spiral (or green dot), in the beginning and end of the exercise.

Basic Method

1. Move the focus of the eyes in a circle around the spiral (or green dot if used) and into the spiral as you breathe normally 24 times. The first step is meant to help you reach a state of relaxation and tranquility.
2. With the eyes closed, perform 24 times, deep breathing. Inhale through the nose deeply into the tan-tien visualizing psychic force or chi there. After each inhalation, hold your breath for a few seconds as you say to yourself ” All my problems are dissolving and I am getting healthier and more vigorous in body and mind”. On each exhalation you exhale slowly and completely through your mouth with slightly puckered lips (as if to whistle) but without making a sound.
3. Perform the 25th deep breath, after you inhale hold your breath and with the greatest confidence say silently to yourself “When I shout the word “Ahn” one time all my problems will be completely gone and my mental and physical health will be greatly improved”.
4. Then inhale the 26th deep breath, and at the time lift the heels of the palms (still resting on the knees as in the beginning of the exercise)then tap them firmly downward on the knees, immediately thereafter causing either one of the hands (generally the right if you are right handed) to assume the “Suggestive Stimulation Mudra” and the other hand into a fist.
5. Inhale the 27th deep breath as you move the fist and mudra hands from the knees to the lower tan tian side by side.
6. Without lingering there, move up to the solar plexus and then simultaneously fling the arms out to the side of the body releasing the fist and mudra hand positions and extending the fingers.
7. Shout sharply from the lower tan tien “Ahn” on the exhale.
8. open your eyes (which have been closed during the 27 deep breathes).
9. Stare intently at the spiral
10. Bring the hands to rest palms down on the knees and continue to stare at the spiral for three minutes.

This basic method should be done twice daily, ones before breakfast and once just before bed time and well after dinner. This should be performed on an empty stomach though a glass of water is OK.

Lesson 3

Psychic Force Cultivation – Supplemental Technique

The supplemental technique of psychic force cultivation is very effective in freeing consciousness from distraction, enhancing the ease of movement of spirit, and increasing the effectiveness of psychic force projection upon a target. Practice of the technique may be done at any time, and in either sitting or standing position.

In the sitting position the hands are placed hands down on the knees, the extended fingertips even with the leading edge of the knee. In the standing position the hands dangle freely at the sides.

With the spine erect, look into the spiral for several seconds until you are relaxed. Then close the eyes and roll them upward as though to focus on the point between the eyebrows. At the same time tilt the head downward slightly. This helps focusing on the “Third Eye” without strain. Do this until marked stimulation is felt between the eyebrows, anywhere from 1 to 30 seconds. Finally slap the right knee with the right hand (or left knee with the left hand but not both), open the eyes and focus intently into the spiral for just a couple seconds. Then begin the cycle again.

A series of cycles is traditionally performed in multiples of six up to thirty six. One may do as many series a day as one cares too, but it is suggested that at least two series are performed. Once after each performance of the basic technique. Ten minutes of the supplemental technique will strengthen the results of the basic technique.

At other times of the day when the basic technique is not performed first, the normal 25 breaths relaxation exercise should be done preparatory to performance of the supplemental technique.

It is important to focus on the spiral with the greatest of single minded concentration. The effect of psychic force is manifest not only outwardly in curing of physical diseases but to the amelioration of inner psychological disorders. One must of course first work on ones self and be in peak health before attempting to heal others without recourse in medicines.

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