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Chen Practical Method Yilu 5-22-10

I think that using a video camera is one of the best teachers you can have. It doesn’t lie, or sugar coat anything. It is a great reality check. This form as all my forms are a work in progress.


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The Health Benefits of Tai Chi

March 29, 2010 Leave a comment

This particular blog entry on “The Health Benefits of Tai Chi” was written by Susan White, as a guest post. There is more information on Susan at the bottom.

The Health Benefits of Tai Chi
At its highest form, Tai Chi (also known as Tai Chi Chuan and Taiji Quanfa) is a martial art; but most of us are familiar with it as a way of relaxation and exercise. The difference between Tai Chi and other forms of martial arts is that it is practiced slower and it promotes calmness and mental relaxation as opposed to being brutal and aggressive. So if you’re looking for a holistic form of exercise and want to learn a martial art as well, Tai Chi is your best bet because:

It’s a safe form of exercise for those who are unable to perform aerobic workouts and is just as effective.

It stretches out and warms up your entire body, and because of this, it’s a great way for athletes and sports persons to warm up before a game or an intense training session.

For those who are of spiritual bent, it is a way of meditation and a time for reflection.

It is one of the best and safest forms of exercise for people with physical limitations.
Tai Chi is great form of exercise for people of any age.

It teaches you how to breathe correctly so that your body utilizes energy effectively and efficiently.

It improves your posture and helps you become more flexible and agile.

Tai Chi helps you move fluidly and by expending the least amount of energy

Physiotherapists use Tai Chi as an effective form of rehabilitation for their patients who are recovering from injuries or corrective surgeries.

Tai Chi helps you focus better and is a great stress buster. It’s one of the best and easiest ways to beat stress and completely relax your body and mind.

It helps strengthen your muscles and prevents them from atrophying as you grow older.

It boosts your concentration and enhances your mood.

It is low impact and so convenient for those with knee problems and those who have difficulty walking.

It can be performed either indoors or outdoors and is inexpensive in that you don’t need any special equipment.

There are many styles of Tai Chi, like the wu, chen and yang, and although all of them focus on fluid motion in rhythmic patterns combined with coordinated breathing, each has its own pace and technique.


This article is contributed by Susan White, who regularly writes on the subject of radiology technician schools in NJ. She invites your questions, comments at her email address:


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