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Bagua Zhang – General Guidelines for Walking the Circle

Maintain a relaxed, comfortable posture, and focused intention while walking. Follow these guidelines and the variations on the theme are endless.

1) Allowing the body to feel natural and relaxed, comfortable and connected when walking the circle. This helps a balanced chi flow throughout the body. It also stabilizes the body and improves balance while in motion.

2) Walk smoothly and continuously. You should not waiver, wobble, or bob up and down.

3) Maintain focused intention so the mind and body are in harmony. Tension restricts chi flow, and throws the body off balance. Keep relaxed.

4) The lower body is sunken downward while the upper body is held erect.

5) The head is held straight up, while the shoulders and elbows are dropped.

6) The back is rounded yet straight and erect while the chest is hollow.

7) The wrists are sunken, while the palm remains pressing.

8) The waist is relaxed, while the buttocks are tilted up and slightly forward.

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