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Two Man Training for striking arts – Two step sparring and beyond

After people have spent time training “one step sparring”, they can move on to other methods of training with a partner. This doesn’t mean you ever out grow, or stop doing “one step sparring”.

“Two step sparring” is the next move. With “two step sparring” the first level is to have one person attack with the technique or principle they are working on, and the other person defends using the defensive move or principle they are working on. You can go back and forth occasionally switching roles. Again you can get feedback from each other as you progress.

After working back and forth in a linear fashion you can start moving around in more of a free sparring environment. Have one person work on their technique either for offense or defense. The other person either only attacks or only defends, depending on what their partner is working on.

After that you then can progress to moving freely while one person works their offense, and the other person works their defensive counter. You switch roles from time to time.

The next level is “free sparring”. I strongly recommend going through all the steps from “one step sparring” through “two step sparring” before engaging in “free sparring”. The reason for this is that if you start sparring prematurely without developing proper technique, strategy, etc. you may limit your eventual level of attainable skill.


Mike Murphy


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