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Do you need to do your forms in mirror image

While some forms in various systems work each side evenly, most forms do not. They will tend to do some techniques on both sides and others only on one side. With that in mind your training could cause you to have gaps in your development and skill sets. One method of resolving that issue is to do your forms in both the standard way they are taught and in mirror image. This is very common in systems that have shorter forms. In some instances they don’t tell people until they reach a certain level of development that they should be done on both sides. In others they train both ways from the beginning.

Some systems have very long forms which can make doing them in mirror image more challenging. So an option used by practitioners of many systems to ensure balanced training on both sides is to take each movement out of their forms, and do them as drills moving up and down the floor.

Both methods of training can be of great benefit to your development and should not be neglected.


Mike Murphy




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