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The Nine Essences of Hsing-I

Once you have the 6 harmonies, and 8 methods figured out, you need to move onto the 9 essences in Hsing-I. The nine essences are as follows:


Should be straight. never leaning in any direction.


Should be dropped downward. It is thorough the shoulders that the strength is transferred to your hands.


The lead arm is stretched forward, the rear is close to the ribs.


The rear hand should be at the Tan Tien. The Lead held Chest level. The palms should face downward, with even strength.


Are separated and shaped like hooks. The index finger and thumb form a crescent.  There must be strength  in the fingers.


Are kept straight, yet slightly bowed like a chicken.


The toes point forward, the rear foot points at a 45 degree angle. The toes must be firm.


The tongue is rolled and touches the roof of the mouth.  Chi can then sink to the tan tien when the eyes are lowered.


The hip tilt slightly forward so that chi moves to the limbs.

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