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Understand the Mindset of a weapons wheeling attacker

Many people wonder whether they should carry a weapon for self defense. Perhaps if they understand the mind set of someone that attacks them with a weapon, it will help them make up their mind.

My experience is that anyone that uses a knife will try to hide it from you until you are cut if they can. The only exception I’ve run across is when they think they have you in a situation you can’t escape, where they want to look you in the eye as they cut you. Someone with knowledge, skill, and the will to use a knife is extremely dangerous. Perhaps more dangerous then someone with a gun inside of 15 feet or so. especially if the weapons are holstered. A knife can cut in any direction, while a gun can only shoot you if the barrel is pointed at you. Of course you can still be hit with the gun.

Here is a situation that comes to mind to show how sneaky a knife man can be. This is the first face-to-face situation I ran into, and was lucky enough to have survived.

Many years ago I was in an establishment having an adult beverage when a young lady that was a friend of someone I knew came up to say hi. Her boy friend was on the other side of the room watching. He had just gotten out of prison, and thought she had been cheating on him while he was away. Of course I didn’t really know her except to say hi, so had no idea of the situation at first. Anyway he somehow got it in his head I had some involvement, and decided to resolve the issue.

He came up to me and started talking, and I tried to explain to him he was wrong, as did she. After a while of talking and keeping him at a distance, he said “OK” lets shake. I stood there for what felt like several minutes saying that was ok, lets move on….He wouldn’t withdraw his hand. So I eventually reached out and shook his hand to get him to go away.

He seized my hand in a vise grip. I tried to make him let go, pushing all the nerve points etc.. I was told would make him do so to no avail. Being a right handed person myself, I was shocked as he reached under his coat and pulled a knife to stick me with his left hand. I managed to deal with the situation and survived, but what would you do?

I’ve been involved in several other situations with knifes, and guns, and will tell you I don’t like being the man in the room that is unarmed. Just say Baa…Baa…kill me please…I deserve it for being stupid.

Look, anyone that carry’s a weapon Wants to do so legally(if possible), and have it look like something they happen to have on hand at the time. You don’t want to go to jail for using a weapon in a premeditated manor.

So with that in mind the most common knife is a screw driver. It is nastier then the common knife, because it pokes a hole that can’t be sewn together, similar to Kris knife. It also is a common household utensil. So proving intent is far more difficult.

I know folks that carry a screw driver, a claw hammer, or a ball ping hammer for the same reasons. All they have to do is come up with a reason for having it on them, at the time of the event. You don’t want hit with any of these things. Of course a heavy flash light is extremely common, even the cops like to use this as a weapon.

Bikers like to take a pad lock, and tie a bandanna to it, stick it in their back pocket. Pull it out in an emergency and you have one heck of a black jack.

Remember if someone is willing to attack you, they are willing to kill you. Your life means nothing to them.

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